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Pathwise is a collaborative maze building game, that relies upon all players to shape the maze at the same time while simultaneously competing to control the largest parts possible. The game focuses on strategic thinking and problem solving through a unique tile and card play mechanism.

Pathwise will engage two to six wizard/players. Novice wizards  ages 8 and up will enjoy interactive cooperative game play.  Advanced adult wizards will enjoy the challenge of balancing cooperation and competition. No two times you play the game will ever be the same, but every game will be fun.  LEARN MORE


Players build yellow, red, and blue crystals with each tile, and when the crystal is completed it scores. With a challenging play mechanism, players will find that the odd shapes they build can win them points, but also help their opponent. Flip the tiles over and players will find themselves building crystals of green, blue, white, and orange, making for more difficult play. Or, just toss all the tiles on a table and have fun figuring out what fun and crazy patterns you can build.