Our Team

Who Are We?

Silversmith Games was formed in July 2017 by Jeremy Rausch and David Atwater. They both quickly learned of their mutual love of board games and quickly formed a friendship that would become Silversmith Games. Both bring something unique to Silversmith Games.

Jeremy Rausch – Co-founder

Jeremy loves board games (except Monopoly that is), and has been part of the game testing community for five years, attending game testing weekends and game conventions, including Mensa Mind Games. Through these weekends he has a firm understanding of the current market for board games, including what the popular trends are, what works and what does not.

Jeremy has a bachelor’s degrees in political science and English from the University of Pittsburgh, and a master’s degree in international peace and development from American University. He has worked in the field of government procurement for the Smithsonian Institution for ten years, and in the Department of State for four years.

David Atwater – Co-founder

David is a strategy game nerd and a game design enthusiast. He has been part of annual board game meet-ups and weekly game night groups for the past three years. He loves asymmetrically balanced games, and learning about new mechanics. He has 7 years of experience as a designer and entrepreneur working in 4 start-up ventures to date. He is perpetually working on a handful of projects and developing games.

David has a bachelor’s degree in product design with a focus on cognitive science from Lehigh University. His background in prototype work for artists, designers, and fabrication studios led him to join the staff at a for-profit makerspace where over the last two years he has honed his skills on industrial equipment to suit a broad arsenal of production methods and techniques.

Rana Gainer – Artist

Rana Gainer is a talented independent artist who came on board team Silversmith Games to work on Pathwise.  Her artwork has breathed a richness of life into a game that started out as lines and dots.

Rana lives outside of Baltimore MD and while she has a day job, she is excited to be working on her first love – art.  You can find more of her work at www.ranagainer.com.